FreeBSD on an Ultra2?

Joerg Wunsch j at
Fri Jun 11 11:22:57 GMT 2004

As Gheorghe Ardelean wrote:

> Yes we are missing the sbus frontend, but last time I've tried to
> use a lnc card on i386 (AT-1500FT with PCnet-ISA II/AM79C961AKC)
> this was not recognized at all. Indeed the chip is not in the list
> (if_lncvar.h) and I had no idea how to add this chip also.

Just had a look into that old U1 sitting on a shelf here, but I cannot
identify a Lance chip there.  So it must have been integrated into one
of those ASICs, no idea whether it would be compatible with the lnc(4)
driver or not.

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