FreeBSD on an Ultra2?

Mykel Mykel at
Thu Jun 10 17:39:34 GMT 2004

I've got a decent U2 (18GB, 512MB, some fancy frame buffer) sitting here 
on my desk and I don't want to play with Solaris anymore...

 From what I've read this machine can only be netbooted with FreeBSD as 
result of a SCSI problem.

Thing is - I know very little about netbooting, and I haven't been able 
to find much out in the first place. All I seem to find are Redhat things.

So - I'm basically asking for someone to either help me step-by-step 
and/or hold my hand thru netboot/netinstall. I'm clueless at this.

I have at my disposal a pair of x86 fBSD machines and my Slackware laptop.

Once the OS is installed... does it still need to be netboot?

Asking really nice!,


PS: If anyone needs to have an E450 disposed of, feel free to ship it to 
me ;)

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