Quad ethernet card on AXi starts with identical MAC addresses on 5.2.1R

Marius Strobl marius at alchemy.franken.de
Mon Jul 19 15:26:35 PDT 2004

On Mon, Jul 19, 2004 at 09:27:54PM +0200, Frank Nobis wrote:
> Am 19. Jul 2004 um 20:41 schrieb Joerg Wunsch:
> >> The pathway I followed seemed to dig the MAC address out of the
> >> ID-PROM no matter what.  In particular hme_pci_attach() seems to
> >> call OF_getetheraddr() which in turn seems to blindly dig the MAC
> >> address out of the idprom.
> >
> > I've also got that impression.
> >
> > I'd also be interested in a way to dig out the MAC address of the card
> > (which must be possible, somehow -- after all, there are four address
> > labels on the NVRAM [or whatever it is] on the card itself), so it
> > would be possible to e. g. use a QFE card (which once has been a huge
> > investment) on a non-sparc64 FreeBSD system.  It seems that right now,
> > the only dependency of the hme driver on sparc64 is the call to OFW to
> > obtain the MAC address...
> >
> I found a reference to "local-mac-address" in OF_getetheraddr2 in 
> ofw_machdep.c
>    return (OF_getprop(node, "local-mac-address", addr, ETHER_ADDR_LEN))
> but I can't see how setting local-mac-address to true makes sense here.

There are two separate things. One is the "local-mac-address?" (note
the '?' at the end), this a property of the /options node can bei set
to either true or false. The second is the "local-mac-address" which
can be a property of a NIC node and contains a MAC address.
Currently FreeBSD doesn't pay attention to "local-mac-address?" and
dc(4) always uses "local-mac-address" via OF_getetheraddr2() if it's
there (onboard dc(4) on Netra X1, etc.).

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