Quad ethernet card on AXi starts with identical MAC addresses on 5.2.1R

Joerg Wunsch j at ida.interface-business.de
Mon Jul 19 11:41:29 PDT 2004

As Ken Smith wrote:

> > > I am just wondering if that behavior is as intended.

> > Yes, unless you set local-mac-address? to true in OBP.

> I would be interested in knowing if this works.

Last time I tried it on FreeBSD, it didn't work.

> The pathway I followed seemed to dig the MAC address out of the
> ID-PROM no matter what.  In particular hme_pci_attach() seems to
> call OF_getetheraddr() which in turn seems to blindly dig the MAC
> address out of the idprom.

I've also got that impression.

I'd also be interested in a way to dig out the MAC address of the card
(which must be possible, somehow -- after all, there are four address
labels on the NVRAM [or whatever it is] on the card itself), so it
would be possible to e. g. use a QFE card (which once has been a huge
investment) on a non-sparc64 FreeBSD system.  It seems that right now,
the only dependency of the hme driver on sparc64 is the call to OFW to
obtain the MAC address...

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