don't know how to make dummy.c

Rik Wade rik at
Thu Jul 15 07:57:08 PDT 2004

Garance A Drosihn wrote:
> At 8:19 AM +0100 7/14/04, Rik Wade wrote:

> This sentence does not sound good.  What do you mean by "buildworld
> on the new kernel"?  If you are following the instructions, you
> will have to do `make buildworld' *before* you have installed any
> new kernel.

I was at step 3 of installing the 64-bit time_t system. This is being 
built on a kernel compiled with step pre-2. i.e. the new kernel source 
but with time_t still set to __int32_t.

> Based on that comment, my guess is that you are running on a 64-bTT
> kernel, and a userland which was built for an earlier (32-bTT)
> system.  If that is true, then you will run into many problems.

I believe this may have been the case due to a mistaken reboot on to the 
64-bTT kernel image prior to successful compilation of the 64-bTT 
userland binaries.

Whatever the reason, it's down to user error. I've bounced on to the 
32-bTT kernel and things are progressing once again (thanks to kernel.old).

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