ofw console change breaks powerpc

Peter Grehan grehan at freebsd.org
Thu Jul 8 22:05:10 PDT 2004

>  > -		tp->t_cflag = TTYDEF_CFLAG|CLOCAL;
>  > +		tp->t_cflag = TTYDEF_CFLAG;
> Yes, it works here with CLOCAL(Ultra2, type-5 keyboard).

  Thanks, I'll commit the change.

> However, ofw console is still too slow to work on.(IMO) I tried
> syscons + creator to get more speed by hardware acceleration.
> To build that kernel, I had to add <sys/modules.h> to source files.
> (I guess it was both sys/dev/fb/creator.c and
> sys/sparc64/creator/creator_upa.c) After really fast booting
> message scrolls and login prompt, the machine locked up. :(

  One thing to try is the simplistic OpenFirmware frame-buffer
console that I've done for powerpc (powerpc/ofw/ofw_syscons.c).
As long as there is a linear frame-buffer that can be mapped it
should work OK. This may not be the case for something fancy like
Creator, but could work on others.



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