Snapshot - still working on it...

Gill, James james.gill at
Thu Jul 1 08:36:15 PDT 2004

Hi Ken,

If you like/need a fast mirror, send me a link and I'll put this up on a.k.a.

at any rate, i'll be holding my breath for my own copy ;)

thank you for your efforts.


On Wed, 30 Jun 2004, Ken Smith wrote:

> Just so you know, I didn't forget about generating a new snapshot.
> I've just made two mistakes in a row that did enough dammage to
> require restarts.  And if you think 'make buildworld' takes a while
> on sparc64 try 'make release' some time... :-)
> Third attempt is running now, hopefully third time is a charm. :-)
> Sorry for the delay.
> [ Garance, your suggestion about including cvsup was a good one,
> I'll include it along with perl in the ISO. ]

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