Creator-3D mystery partially solved...

Ken Smith kensmith at cse.Buffalo.EDU
Thu Jan 29 17:05:51 PST 2004

I figured out part of the Creator-3D issue I think.

Apparently there are two things that are called Creator-3D.  One is
what comes in Ultra-60's/Ultra-80's and is, I think, a PCI card.
I haven't pulled the Ultra-60 apart (yet) to verify.  The other is
what comes in Ultra-10's.  The modifications people have been
suggesting for getting the Creator-3D to work seem to work just
fine on my Ultra-60, not on the Ultra-10.  It seems like the thing
in the Ultra-10 looks enough like a Creator-3D to fool the kernel
into starting to use it, but the kernel hangs very ungracefully (as
in turn the machine off and back on) shortly after blanking the screen.
I have taken the Ultra-10 apart and the card in that is definitely
not a PCI card.

Does anyone have information that suggests any of this is wrong?

Now...  If that is true...  There appear to be two separate creator
drivers in the source tree.  I have not confirmed it by trying to
build a kernel for the Ultra-60 that does not include the driver in
src/sys/sparc64/creator yet but I think the driver that works with
the Ultra-60 is in src/sys/dev/fb/creator.c.  Both of those files
wind up going into the kernel if you include "creator" and "sc" in
the kernel config file.  Given the above theory I tried to build a
kernel that only had the src/sys/sparc64/creator driver in it.  The
kernel built just fine (no unresolved symbols, etc) so the drivers
do indeed at least appear to be separate.  This kernel booted on
the Ultra-10 without getting hung but there were no signs of it
having found a creator device anywhere either.

Does this make sense?  If yes does it give anyone new ideas on
what to try or is this variant of the Creator-3D just not going
to work?


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