Problem with compiling ports

John LeMay jlemay at
Tue Jan 27 07:34:17 PST 2004

>>It's a good idea to check the website first to see
>>> if the problem has already been reported.  And, depending on the
>>> problem, you may want to send a message to this group first,
>>> to help determine whether it is a real problem or pilot error.
>>> (Monitoring this group on an on-going basis is also a good idea
>>> for any FreeBSD sysadmin.)
> Also check for errors discovered during the
> automated package builds.
> Kris

Thanks for all the tips! I have one question though after reading the 
update section in the handbook. Does CVSup download all of the sources 
or just the directory structure and make files? I don't exactly have 
room for all of the sources (and I can't imagine who really would!) on 
this Ultra-5.

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