Problem with compiling ports

John LeMay jlemay at
Mon Jan 26 11:12:00 PST 2004

Hi, list newbie here (freebsd newbie as well, but one with several years 
experience with Linux, Solaris, and some AIX). Just wondering what the 
process is for reporting an issue when compiling something in the ports 

I recently setup 5.2-release on an Ultra-5 (and I had that awful local 
terminal issue as well, but got through it). The other night I started 
compiling ntop from the ports tree. Since this is a gen-1 machine 
(270MHz), this took overnight. When I came back in the am there were a 
few errors and the result was no ntop. It seems compiling one of the 
dependencies failed.

Should I report stuff like this here? If so, I'll rerun the make so I 
can capture the error and post it here.

John LeMay
Senior Technical Manager
NJMC | | Phone 732-557-4848

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