Newer installworld_nk script (64-bit time_t)

Harti Brandt brandt at
Mon Jan 26 02:40:42 PST 2004


your script looks fine, although I could not test it - I just have no time
at the moment to re-create a 32-bit time_t version on my sparc. I'd say
its time now to through the switch. I recommend, however, to give re a
hint that this is going to happen - they'll surely want to know this :-)

Nice work, thanks,


On Sat, 24 Jan 2004, Garance A Drosihn wrote:

GAD>At 10:42 PM -0500 1/21/04, Garance A Drosihn wrote:
GAD>>At 3:41 AM -0500 1/12/04, I (Garance) wrote:
GAD>>>Is the magic script.  Probably a little more elaborate than it
GAD>>>needs to be, but I had plenty of extra time while waiting for
GAD>>>'make buildworld' to finish...
GAD>>Fwiw, I just made to minor changes to this script, to make it a
GAD>>little more user-friendly.  The option for "yes, go ahead and
GAD>>do the installworld" actually works now...
GAD>Well, thanks to a combination of events, I ended up having to a
GAD>few extra hours to work on this, so I've gone through another
GAD>few rounds of improvements to the script.
GAD>Is the newest version of the script.  It has not been used
GAD>on an "upgrade sparc64 from 32BTT to 64BTT" run, but it has
GAD>been extensively tested with a few dozen installworlds on
GAD>my dual-athlon system (which is just a *little* faster than
GAD>my Ultra-10).
GAD>By being more and more restrictive with my PATH settings, I
GAD>tracked down a few more files that are prudent to copy, and I
GAD>realized that some steps should be done in a different order.
GAD>I also added a -S option, which causes the script to use
GAD>symlinks to most executables it is pulling from /usr/obj,
GAD>instead of copying them all.  So, even though I'm bringing in
GAD>more files, the /tmp/install-nk* directory is now only 200K to
GAD>250K when -S is used.  I also added more tests and improved
GAD>some of the script-debugging features.  There is also a -M
GAD>option, which causes the installworld to be done with PATH
GAD>set to *only* the /tmp/install-nk* directory.
GAD>I also tested this version (on i386) by:
GAD>     boot into single user
GAD>     script /var/tmp/somefile
GAD>     make installworld         <- standard make target
GAD>     EOF
GAD>     script /var/tmp/otherfile
GAD>     ./installworld_nk         <- magic alternative
GAD>     EOF
GAD>repeating that several times with different options to the script.
GAD>I then did 'diff's on all the outputs, to make sure that they all
GAD>seemed to do exactly the same thing.  As far as those script
GAD>outputs are concerned, the same commands were executed with the
GAD>exact same outputs.
GAD>Older versions of the script are still available in that same
GAD>directory, but right now this is the most heavily-tested one
GAD>(except that it hasn't actually been used for a 32->64 upgrade).
GAD>I think it's an interesting exercise to try to make this script
GAD>as bullet-proof as possible.  I'm sure that it's adequate for
GAD>immediate need, but I'd like to see how far it could go.

harti brandt,
brandt at, harti at

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