Gearing up for 64-bit time_t on sparc64

Richard Coleman richardcoleman at
Sat Jan 17 08:44:50 PST 2004

Any idea on when we might make the jump to 64 bit time_t?  We probably 
want to do it soon, and give ourselves a few months before the release. 
  That way, there will be plenty of time to fix any troubles with ports.

a HEADS UP on freebsd-current might be a good idea soon.

Richard Coleman
richardcoleman at

Garance A Drosihn wrote:
> Well, that took longer than I expected.  I had typo-ed 'make'
> at one point, and didn't notice for awhile...
> Is the magic script.  Probably a little more elaborate than it
> needs to be, but I had plenty of extra time while waiting for
> 'make buildworld' to finish...  This is the version I just
> used for a successful upgrade, except that I just added the
> if-clause to also copy 'xinstall' as the 'install' command.
> Given how much 'install' is called during 'installworld', I
> wonder why it isn't included in the files that are copied
> by the standard 'make installworld' target.
> This is a possible writeup which could be committed at the
> same time as the script.  Right now it's partially written
> for people willing to help *test* the above change, and
> partially written as if the 64-bit change has already been
> committed, and this is telling everyone how to update to it.
> So, it isn't perfect, but it does contain my complete and
> explicit list of steps that I believe people should follow.
> The one thing I haven't tested yet is a rebuild of modula-3 and
> cvsup on a 64-bit system, but I have that going right now.

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