Slow Console Input

Michael Cacek cacemic at
Fri Jan 16 17:13:22 PST 2004

I recently installed freebsd 5.2 on a local sunblade 100 system. I had
several problems with keyboard input throughout the install, but I
eventually made it though. The problems that I had were as follows:
Slow response time with keypresses. I had to use ctrl + n or ctrl + p
to move though menu options(the options never lit up completely, only
blinked..enough to show me that they were currently selected). It was a
terrible experience, but I made it through, but now I have another
problem. Upon rebooting, my console input is incredibly slow. I press
a key and it takes around 1/2 a second for the letter to appear. I read
that I could use kbdcontrol to change key rates, but whenever I try to
issue a command with it, it reports back the following error:
"inappropriate ioctl for device". Any help is much appreciated. The
slow speed is simply not tolerable. This is my first freebsd install
and I hope it won't won't be the last. Thanks ahead of time..

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