syscons on U10 /w Creator

Rich Hampton rich at
Wed Jan 14 18:49:53 PST 2004

   Hello All,
   I've been scouring the mailing lists and googling for about two weeks
   now and would seem that, according to some, it is possible to get X
   working on an Ultra 10 with Creator.  The problem is: I can't seem to
   find any details on how to do this and all my attempts have failed
   with "device sc" uncommented.
   [1]This guy claims he did it but the same config on my box fails with
   a boatload of errors related to atkbd.
   First of all, does syscons really work for this box?  If so, what does
   the proper kernel config look like?  If not, I promise I will quietly
   go away.  I'm not a unix or sparc newbie but I am new to FreeBSD.
   I really like the monitor and keyboard on my U10, it'd be nice to
   actually use it.



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