About FreeBSD for SPARC64

Will Andrews will at csociety.org
Wed Jan 14 07:46:44 PST 2004

On Wed, Jan 14, 2004 at 02:47:48AM +0000, mizhe zhen wrote:
>        I have a problem about FreeBSD SPARC64 5.0r,5.1r,5,2r install to Sun 
>        Blade 150.
>        After installed the FreeBSD system, I always have an error message:
>        IOMMU fault virtual address 0xdf000000
>        panic: pcib: uncorrectalbe DMA error AFAR ox804000 AFSR 
>        0x210000ff00000000
>        And then auto reboot system.
>        Please help me solve this problem.

You cannot install this system on the video console.  You must
use serial console.  The FreeBSD/sparc64 port doesn't support the
PGX video framebuffers.  Also, there are problems with USB on
sparc64, though I'm not sure if this has been resolved recently.


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