vipar at vipar at
Sun Feb 29 16:14:40 PST 2004


Thank you for contacting VIPAR.  Due to the volume of email we receive, we will 
not be able to personally respond to your request if it fits into one of the 
following categories:

* If your e-mail is in regard to an abuse issue, such as: spam, port scanning, 
open mail relays, copyright issues, or any other report of alleged abuse by the 
Verio network, please contact abuse at, per RFC 2142.

* If your e-mail is in regard to reverse DNS mapping, or any other DNS-related 
topic, please contact dns-request at

* If your e-mail is in regard to network connectivity or latency, or any other 
customer issues that are not specificed above, please contact support at

VIPAR will respond promptly to all e-mails relating to Verio's policy,
management, and allocation of IP addresses.      

If you need IP reassignment information that is more detailed than what is 
available at, please refer to

vipar at

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