64btt cvsup?

Garance A Drosihn drosih at rpi.edu
Wed Feb 25 22:27:09 PST 2004

At 9:10 PM -0800 2/25/04, Kris Kennaway wrote:
>>  >Figure out the ports-Makefile-fu to make the new patches get
>>  >applied only if the system has a recent enough __FreeBSD_version.
>>  >That ought to do it.
>>  I have no idea what ports-makefile-fu would be needed, but we
>>  haven't picked the value of __FreeBSD_version for this change yet,
>>  so I have the excuse that we couldn't really do this yet anyway.
>Ports don't usually apply patches conditionally on the version.
>Instead, wherever possible the patch itself should contain the
>conditionals, i.e.
>#if __FreeBSD_version >= 50210x

Hmm.  But this is to Modula-3 source, so how do I do that?

John?  Looks like it might have something to do with the file

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