64btt cvsup?

Garance A Drosihn drosih at rpi.edu
Wed Feb 25 21:02:45 PST 2004

At 4:45 PM -0800 2/24/04, John Polstra wrote:
>On 20-Feb-2004 Ken Smith wrote:
>  > Has anyone tried using cvsup on a 64btt system yet?  I'm
>  > getting odd results on a system being set up as a cvsup
>  > mirror ...

See below for comments on cvsup-mirror.

>I've already got a fire drill scheduled for this weekend, so
>I'd appreciate it if somebody else could make at stab a the
>patches for the ezm3 port. ... The place to start on the patch
>is with the file
>   libs/m3core/src/unix/freebsd-4.sparc64/Utypes.i3
>in the ezm3-1.1 source distribution.

Okay.  I patched that on my system, and recompiled ezm3.
All I did was make the simple patch file.

It is at:

and you would want to put it at:

I then recompiled cvsup-without-gui.  That seemed to work fine, but
then again cvsup seemed to be working fine for me before this...

I did a 'make package' for ezm3 and cvsup-without-gui, and I put
them in   ezm3-64btt-1.1_1.tbz
     and   cvsup-without-gui-64btt-16.1h.tbz
in the ~gad/public_distfiles on my freebsd.org account.  I still
have no idea if that is what I'm supposed to do, or how people
can pick up the packages from there, but at least I can say that
I made some packages!

I tried making a package for cvsup-mirror, but that port is marked
as "may not be packaged: too interactive."  My guess is that all
you need to do is install the ezm3 package, and then compile
cvsup-mirror like normal.

>Figure out the ports-Makefile-fu to make the new patches get
>applied only if the system has a recent enough __FreeBSD_version.
>That ought to do it.

I have no idea what ports-makefile-fu would be needed, but we
haven't picked the value of __FreeBSD_version for this change yet,
so I have the excuse that we couldn't really do this yet anyway.

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