installation question.

C.L. Lai [ALAN] clai33 at
Thu Feb 19 14:37:59 PST 2004

Thank you for your reply John,

but apparently, I am getting 2 exact opposite opinions on it.

1 side says there is no problem. 1 side says a serial terminal is

If w/o using a serial terminal worked for you, would you mind telling me
what problems would typically appear by installing via a video console
rather than a serial terminal, and how do you eliminate the problems
during yr successful installation?

Thank you very much.


On Thu, 19 Feb 2004, John LeMay wrote:

> > can i install freebsd-5.2 w/o a serial terminal? ie installation w/ a
> > local video console.
> I've done it, and I expect others have as well. It was the first time I 
> installed FreeBSD SPARC, and only the second time I'd ever installed 
> FreeBSD at all, so if I can get through just about blind it I imagine 
> it's not that hard.
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