syscons on U10 /w Creator

Marius Strobl marius at
Sun Feb 8 05:36:24 PST 2004

On Sat, Feb 07, 2004 at 06:14:54PM -0600, I LUNV JEBUS wrote:
> I'm not having a lot of luck playing with this problem.  I have an ultra 2
> creator3d that sorta works with syscons (freezes on probing serial stuff).
> Anyhow, I yanked the creator card out of the ultra 2, and compared the
> chips to the board from my U10 clone.  Big difference first:
> Ultra 2 card has "Sun" branded chip reading:
> STP3100BGA
> 100-4025-02
> L1A9708
> (some garbage lines below)
> The analog on the Ultra 10 creator card ("Sun" branded as well):
> 100-5512-01
> L2A0791
> (garbage lines below)

There are a lot of different Sun Creator models and revisions (/w and
w/o "3D", form factor, chipset, ...).

> Another small difference:
> Ultra 2 creator board has a Bt498khf220, The Ultra 10 creator board
> analog uses a Conexant Bt498AKHF240 chip.

These are the RAMDACs. IIRC, the difference between these revisions
from the perspective of the driver is that the hardware cursor bits
are inverted.

> Is anyone privey to the datasheets for any of these chips?  Or have any
> other bright ideas?

The XFree86 ffb driver is a good source of information on these

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