FreeBSD sparc, can't boot

Jorge Silva j.silva at
Sat Feb 7 05:56:52 PST 2004


I'm trying to install FreeBSD 5.2R on an Ultra10 with 2 IDE disks. One of the
disks ( the first one ) has Solaris 9, and on the other I want to install

When I try to boot from the "bootonly" CD ( with "boot cdrom" on the OB prompt
), this is what I get:

>> FreeBSD/sparc64 boot block
   Boot path:   /pci at 1F,0/pci at 1,1/ide at 3/cdrom at 2,0:f
   Boot loader: /boot/loader

( after a while reading the CD and no messages )

Can't read disk label.
Can't open disk label package.
Fast Data Access MMU Miss

and then goes back to the OB ok prompt...

Can you please tell me what's wrong with this ?

Thank you.


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