U1E and U2 are supported system?

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Mon Aug 30 08:17:51 PDT 2004

At 8:38 AM -0600 2004-08-30, Scott Long wrote:

>  Lack of hardware is not the problem.  There are plenty of Ultra1 boxes
>  floating around and it's trivial to buy one off of ebay for less than
>  what it costs to ship it.  What would really be useful is more Ultra2
>  and higher boxes that can be used for package building and used by
>  developers to write better console support.

	Well, I've got one U2 and four U10 clones that I plan on putting 
to use in supporting various aspects of FreeBSD on SPARC64, as well 
as NTP development/support on FreeBSD/SPARC64.

	I also recently helped pick up seventeen U10s, one U60, and a 
variety of other cables and other equipment that could potentially be 
put to use towards these types of ends, if the FreeBSD project can't 
find better uses for them with developers through donations at .

	I'd kind of like to the use the U2 as my SOHO firewall/VPN/DHCP 
server, but other than the vague goals of helping to support FreeBSD 
on SPARC64, I do not yet have any concrete plans of what I'm going to 
do with the four U10 clones.

	If setting them up as a four node package build cluster would be 
helpful to the project, I'm willing to do that, although I confess it 
will probably take me a little while to figure out how that should be 

	I would appreciate any guidance that you could provide.

>  I suspect that the NetBSD le driver is going to be similar to the NetBSD
>  esp driver in that it's going to have an unbelievable number of
>  attachments and special cases.  Have fun!

	Okay, maybe not.  Maybe I'll leave that sort of stuff to you, 
Bill, Philip, etc....

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