Package build machines needed

Kris Kennaway kris at
Sun Aug 15 14:28:39 PDT 2004

I'm looking for remote access to some reasonably fast sparc64
machines, to use for building sparc64 packages (particularly for
5.3-RELEASE since time is somewhat critical, i.e. we can't wait a
month for the package set to finish - but preferably longer-term too).

Here's a summary of what I need:

* Root access to the machine via ssh.

* Serial and power console access preferred, otherwise I'll be bugging
you each time the machine panics or requires hard rebooting.

* Reasonable bandwidth: at least 1Mbps, and I can't guarantee how much
traffic I'll be generating, so unlimited download capacity preferred. 

* At least 20GB of local disk (I'll be setting a local squid proxy to
cache package fetches).  If more disk space is available I can set up
a local FTP distfile mirror which will cut download bandwidth
requirements tremendously.

* Exclusive use of the machine preferred, but I can make do with a
shared machine that is not too busy.

Is anyone able to help out?

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