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On Fri, 2004/08/06 at 20:28:46 -0400, Ken Smith wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 06, 2004 at 12:27:27PM -0500, Jim O'Gorman wrote:
> > Just a quick question to confirm: The Sun Gigaswift card is not
> > supported on FreeBSD Sparc64, correct?
> > 
> > Looking at
> > it shows the GEM driver, but that driver is not seeing the gigaswift
> > card, so I just wanted to confirm that it is not something I am doing
> > wrong.
> Correct, it's not supported.  The GEM driver in FreeBSD supports the
> ethernet controller that's on the SunBlade-100 systems which isn't
> the same ethernet controller as what SUN calls the GEM interface.

The ethernet interface in the Blade 100 is the ERI, which seems to
just be a 100 Mbps version of the "real" gigabit GEM with identical
programming interface (but we have no in-depth documentation on
either). We should have inherited support for the GEM from NetBSD, but
I do not recall any reports on success or failure with that hardware.

The GEM hardware is apparently simply called "GigabitEthernet" by Sun,
and supported by the "ge" driver on Solaris. There is a separate
driver, "ce", for GigaSwift cards, so it does not seem too likely that
the two are compatible enough to be supported by a single driver (but
then, Sun also has a separate "eri" driver).

	- Thomas

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