Ken Smith kensmith at cse.Buffalo.EDU
Sun Aug 1 21:01:22 PDT 2004

On Sun, Aug 01, 2004 at 03:01:36PM -0400, Jeremy Faulkner wrote:
> Ken Smith wrote:
> >MD5 (SNAP-20040727-sparc64-miniinst.iso) = e242c42d1c9019210fbd4fa47e746f72
> Does this snapshot have an esp driver that will work with the Ultra1's 
> esp100?

Yes, but if I recall correctly it will not work with all Ultra1's.  I
think it will work with Ultra1's that have the wide-SCSI connector on
the back, not the ones that have the narrow-SCSI connector.  But I
might not have understood correctly.

I only had time to initially test the CD on my "usual" test machine
which is an Ultra-5.  I'll be testing it on a couple of other
architectures through the next day or two including experimenting
a bit with both of the Ultra-1 variants.

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