tftp loader

Arthur tuur at
Wed Apr 28 07:49:17 PDT 2004

Thanks again!
I got the loader working... Or at least, I got the tftp part and the bootp
thing working...
But now I have this problem:

(Copied and pasted the output of my terminal screen below)

Sun Serverblade1 (UltraSPARC-IIe 650MHz), No Keyboard
Copyright 1998-2002 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
OpenBoot  4.7.5, 1024 MB memory installed, Serial #xx.
Ethernet address xx, Host ID: xx

Rebooting with command: boot net
Boot device: /pci at 1f,0/network at a  File and args:
1000 Mbps FDXLink up
Server IP address: xx
Client IP address: xx
Console: OpenFirmware console

FreeBSD/sparc64 bootstrap loader, Revision 1.0
(root at, Thu Jun  5 00:18:44 GMT 2003)
bootpath="/pci at 1f,0/network at a"
boot: ethernet address: xx
1000 Mbps FDXLink up
net_open: server addr: xxxx
net_open: server path: /tftpboot
Loading /boot/defaults/loader.conf
/Fast Data Access MMU Miss


The spinning '|\-/|' sign does spin, but it does it very (very) slowly.
Can anybody help? (Or at least point me in the right direction...)
I tried both the 5.2.1 and the 5.1 release.



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> As Arthur wrote:
> > Thanks!
> > Now i'm looking for the 'distrib.tar.gz' file....
> I simply downloaded the Mini-ISO, and mounted that on the server
> machine.  I got my E450 installed that way.
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