5.2.1 mini-ISO fails to boot on U450

Joerg Wunsch j at ida.interface-business.de
Thu Apr 15 03:08:52 PDT 2004


I've got that old U450 system sitting in a corner here.  Well, it's
got only 256 MB of RAM anymore, but with 4 CPUs (296 MHz) and a dozen
disks, I thought it might be an interesting textbox for

Unfortunately, I cannot get the mini-ISO CD to boot.  In general,
there's only little output at all on the serial console, the most I
could get was:

Fatal SCSI error  at script address 8 Illegal instruction
Drive not ready

When connecting a keyboard and VGA monitor, I see a few more lines
from the loader (why don't I see them on the serial console?), but
then again the same kind of fatal SCSI error.

Is there any chance to avoid that error?  Alternatevily, does someone
have a checklist for a Sun boot/install server?  Last time I tried
creating one on a non-Solaris box, I only vaguely remember there were
a number of things to remember (besides the obvious ones like setting
up RARPD and such).  Is rpc.bootparamd required to netboot a FreeBSD

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