openssl-0.9.7d make issues

Sameer ssheikh2000 at
Mon Apr 12 01:44:27 PDT 2004

I'm having a few issues with this package.

Initially, I had the following issue:

test BN_sqr
Square test failed!

The OpenSSL FAQ addresses the problem in with the following bit:

11. Why does the OpenSSL test suite fail in BN_sqr test [on a 64-bit

Failure in BN_sqr test is most likely caused by a failure to configure the
toolkit for current platform or lack of support for the platform in
question. Run './config -t' and './apps/openssl version -p'. Do these
platform identifiers match? If they don't, then you most likely failed to
run ./config and you're hereby advised to do so before filing a bug report.
If ./config itself fails to run, then it's most likely problem with your
local environment and you should turn to your system administrator (or
similar). If identifiers match (and/or no alternative identifier is
suggested by ./config script), then the platform is unsupported. There might
or might not be a workaround. Most notably on SPARC64 platforms with GNU C
compiler you should be able to produce a working build by running './config
-m32'. I understand that -m32 might not be what you want/need, but the build
should be operational. For further details turn to
<openssl-dev at>.

The first problem is that there is no, "./apps/openssl" which doesn't allow
me to do any comparisons.

Even w/o it, I gave it a try.  However, the "-m32" but that caused an
additional problem:

cc1: error: -m32 is not supported by this configuration
*** Error code 1

I'm kinda' stuck here.  I even tried adding a "freebsd-sparc64" or whatever
the exact platform type is specified by "configure".

There isn't much on google about this problem, that's why i'm turning to you

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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