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Ken Smith kensmith at cse.Buffalo.EDU
Thu Apr 8 11:25:05 PDT 2004

Sorry for the long delay with this.  There were a few buglets that
needed to be worked out before this could be finished...

A fresh 64-bit time_t ISO image just got loaded on ftp-master in
the snapshots/sparc64 directory.  It's -current as of April 7th, 2004
and it includes the syscons fix and the fix to softupdates so that
sysinstall doesn't crash while running off the installation CD.  And
of course it includes Garance's official commit of the 64-bit time_t. :-)

So, as before, following Garance's instructions for upgrading your machine
from 32-bit time_t to 64-bit time_t are excellent and you really shouldn't
have any problems.  But if you find you do have problems and need to
reload the machine from scratch (or if you're installing a new machine
now...) you might want to use this snapshot instead of the 5.2.1-RELEASE
CD's and then needing to re-attempt the 64-bit time_t upgrade.

Kris is still having problems with his keyboard but other than that
all regressions I'm aware of right now are fixed.  It's probably safe
to re-enter the -current waters on sparc64 if you've been holding off
because of the recent crop of problems.  Kris's machine is an Ultra-30
with Creator-3D I believe so if that's what you have you might want to
be a bit careful.  On the other hand if you have that kind of machine
and are not having keyboard problems I'd like to know - I don't have
an Ultra-30.

MD5 checksum of the new snapshot is:

MD5 (CURRENT-64btt-sparc64-miniinst.iso) = d11661bdde9aa2b14ec7efc3c31974db

						Ken Smith
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