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Tue Apr 6 11:03:03 PDT 2004

On Mon, 5 Apr 2004, Gill, James wrote:

> Yes, it does.  Setting this in /etc/rc.conf does configure this MAC
> address on this interface:
> ifconfig_hme1="ether 0a:0:20:00:fe:1"
> but, unfortunately, I also need these interfaces to get addressed via
> DHCP.  I can't put both into one ifconfig statement either on the command
> line nor in /etc/rc.conf ... If that is possible, my question is "how?"

There's two ways of doing this.

1.  dhclient's config file allows you to put in ifconfig commands for,
say, setting the media type.  That could be abused to set the mac address.
2.  Netstart will execute the script /etc/start_if.foo0 in preference to
an ifconfig_foo0 rc.conf line.  Use that to set the address and call
dhclient manually.

> If that is not, my question is again .. where would the _best_ place to
> set this be?  I'm going to be doing this in at least a few instances and
> I'm not going to be the only admin to play with this, so I want to put it
> in the most obvious place (which might be a separate script somewhere and
> a comment in /etc/rc.conf, eh?)
> THanks,
> --gill
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