[-CURRENT] Nothing more on the console?

Stephane Bortzmeyer stephane at sources.org
Mon Apr 5 12:35:09 PDT 2004

[It could be a hardware problem but it happened right after a "make 
installworld" in -CURRENT.]

My UltraSparc 10 no longer boots and displays nothing on the console:

* with a Sun keyboard and screen, the monitor switches on (green LED) when the 
machine boots but nothing appears on the screen.

* with no keyboard and a serial console on port A or B, nothing is displayed.

I tried to type Stop-N or Stop-A on the Sun keyboard (it was a very long time 
since I had to use the console, the machine was running headless and I don't 
remember the NVRAM settings) without results.

It may be a hardware problem, giving the age of the machine, but I still hope 
the problem is somewhere in the console.

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