Booting from ISP on U2

jtregunna at jtregunna at
Wed Sep 24 11:36:05 PDT 2003

I'm trying to get FreeBSD to boot from a disk that is connected to the
onboard fas scsi controller, but through the QLogic ISP1000 SBus card
in this system. Is this even possible? I've seen other posts about this
but have not been able to find out exactly how to do it. I've tried
booting using: boot /sbus at 1f,0/QLGC,isp at 3,10000/sd at 0,0 and also tried
with a :a appended to the end of that. I get Can't open boot device
each time I try and boot. There is an installed system on there, it
is not yet FreeBSD, but I want to make sure I can boot from the ISP
before installing. I'd like to get to installing today.

Any help would be appreciated.

-Jeremy Tregunna
jtregunna at

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