Req review: OF_decode_addr()

John-Mark Gurney gurney_j at
Mon Sep 1 23:50:00 PDT 2003

Marcel Moolenaar wrote this message on Mon, Sep 01, 2003 at 19:18 -0700:
> Attached a patch to add function OF_decode_addr(). The function
> takes a package handle (phandle_t) and returns the physical
> (decoded) address at which it resides as well as it space.

You mean physical address as viewed by the CPU, correct?

> This function is needed by uart(4) to for low-level console
> access.
> There's one thing I'm not happy about and that's the call to
> ofw_isa_map_iorange(). It makes it impossible to create a kernel
> without isa. It makes sense to move the bulk of the code in
> OF_decode_addr() to the respective bus drivers and have some
> linker set to tie bus name to function pointer. I'm not sure
> it's important to have that right away or if we can commit this
> and deal with that later?

Why don't you wrap the ebus/isa part around an #if defined(NISA) ||
defined(NEBUS) to prevent the inclusion of isa when not necessary?

I would like to see this code in a more general format instead of in
a MD file.  OpenFirmware is quite specific on how each bus lists it's
registers and ranges.  We should leverage this so that other platforms
don't have to have lots of special code to implement the same thing.

I don't have an OFW dump handy, so I can't verify correctness of code.

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