Dumb Boot Questions on ultra 5

Sivakumar Narayanan nsivakum at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 21 00:17:21 PDT 2003


   An absolute beginner question:

   I took the mini-inst 5.1 ISO, burnt it on a CD (RW). On a win2k
   machine, I can see its contents with some directory structure:
   packages, floppies, etc. Is this supposed to be bootable _as is_ on a
   ultra 5 ?

   At the "ok" prompt of the PROM, if I type in "boot cdrom", it
   seemingly makes an attempt to read, but then fails with an error
   message (close to) "Cannot find disk label" or "No disk label found".

   I downloaded the boot.flp file in
   /pub/FreeBSD/releases/sparc64/5.1-RELEASE/floppies but that is 4.1MB
   -- So there is no way of using "dd" to write this onto a floppy and
   boot this from there.

   Any help?

   Many thanks.

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