It won't install

Francis little oggy at
Thu Oct 16 06:20:15 PDT 2003

4.8 won't install on sparc because it is only for x86 or Alpha, you can
get the ISO images for 5.1 for sparc64 from this link:

>>> Rob Langnau <rlangnau at> 16/10/2003 13:15:22 >>>
Just to let you know, we attempted to install FreeBSD 4.8 onto a Sun
Enterprise 4000 with no success. I've included a text file describing
the system in question. Regarding my background. I'm currently a Sun
Solaris Administer and the other guy who tried to install it on that
machine is an AIX Admin. This message's intent is not to be one of
complaint but, to help you in your porting efforts. Thank You for your

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