peter at peter at
Wed Nov 19 04:39:07 PST 2003

Is netbooting officially supported as an installation method?  Also, has
anyone tried a snapshot from  I downloaded the
5.1-CURRENT-20031118-JPSNAP snapshot.  I setup rarp with /boot/loader and
I setup an nfs exported partition with the kernel and the contents of
mfsroot.gz.  It boots fine, and mounts the nfs root, although it's
readonly and sysinstall complains.  I started the emergency shell and used
boot_crunch to remount root read-write (which seems to work fine).  This
quiets sysinstall, but it still errors out when it comes time to actually
make filesystems.  It doesn't say anything useful (only that there was an
error), so I don't really know what's happening.  Once it "Finishes with
errors", I can't start the shell anymore.  Am I doing something
unsupported, or am I just doing something wrong?  Any pointers?


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