FreeBSD 5.2-RC2 & big 160 gb HDD

Thomas Moestl t.moestl at
Tue Dec 30 07:37:57 PST 2003

On Tue, 2003/12/30 at 17:16:03 +0300, Vyacheslav Silakov wrote:
> Hello
> During FreeBSD 5.2-RC2 setup process on the Sun Netra X1
> with 160 gb HDD drive I've got (with default HDD partition settings):
> Max Doing newfs -U -O2 /mnt/dev/ad0fad0:
> ad0: WARNING - READ_DMA recovered from missing interrupt
> and system completly frozes after that.

Try forcing the disk to UDMA33 (using atacontrol(8)). I have seen
similar problems on a Blade 100; my theory is that the I/O connector
board is electrically unfit to do UDMA66 (looking at the innards of
the box, that does not seem too unlikely).

	- Thomas

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