syscons on sparc AXi

matt matt at
Sun Dec 28 08:33:37 PST 2003

I'm having some problems getting syscons up and running on this Tatung AXi
sparc clone I have.  Not real sure where to start with this one, thought
I'd see if anyone has any ideas.  The machine has a creator3d card stuck
in the upa slot, a single hd on the UW-scsi controller, and a single
cd-rom on the same - nothing else inside.  Anytime I compile a kernel

device	sc

in the config file, the kernel freezes on bootup with:

Nothing to autoload yet.
jumping to kernel entry at 0xc00400000.

At this point the monitor I have on the creator card goes completely
white, regardless of if I have the type 5 keyboard/mouse hooked up or boot
of a serial terminal.  I can't get to ddb, or drop into it after the
kernel freezes.  The problem has been reproducable since syscons became
functional on sparc64 - Now that I finally have some time to dig into
the problem, I've tried it in the last day with sources off the 5.2-beta
iso as well as -current cvs'd yesterday.  It doesn't seem to make any
difference whether or not "device ofw_console" is left in the kernel or
removed.  I'm kinda at a loss where to go from here, given where the
machine freezes - hints?  ideas?

Thanks everyone,

- Matt

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