OT: Sun Netra T1 console port pinout?

Walter Hop freebsd at walter.transip.nl
Sat Dec 27 06:53:47 PST 2003

Hi all,

Excuse me for this off-topic post...

I got my Netra T1, it even powers up :D So now I want to get it up and
running. There are no shops carrying this item in my neighbourhood, so I
want to solder a console cable for it.

The Netra T1's serial ports are RJ45 (ethernet-style) ports which look
similar to the Cisco management ports, but I am not sure if they are
exactly the same.

Unfortunately there is conflicting information on the web about the
pinouts of the Netra T1's serial ports.

This page looks the most legit:

Can anyone confirm if the RJ45-DB9 mentioned on this page will work for
connecting a serial terminal to the Netra for booting and installing?


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