ram for topdog board ?

Andrew Boothman andrew at cream.org
Thu Dec 11 13:30:18 PST 2003

Bjoern A. Zeeb wrote:

> can anybody tell me where (preferably in europe/germany) I may get
> 2*256 or 4*256 MB ram for it ?  I think it needs EDO DIMMs 3,3V ?

I don't know much about this kind of machine but Crucial is good (if not 
always the cheapest) for memory 

Or you could try John Burns who runs a small business supplying HP & Sun 
hardware and the parts for them - 
http://www.unixnerd.demon.co.uk/unix.html he also runs auctions on Ebay 
UK http://www.stores.ebay.co.uk/id=7447869

Good luck!


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