syscons by default?

Pete Bentley pete at
Tue Dec 9 05:58:51 PST 2003

On Thu, Dec 04, 2003 at 11:03:52AM -0800, Doug White wrote:
> Which is really pesky since XFree86 will work on the ATI fine, we just
> need a way of having syscons attach the display but not use it so XFree86
> can nab it later.  I see that the creator code handles the case where its
> not the chosen console; I wonder if some shim driver that goes through the
> motions but doesn't implement any of the fb functions might work. 

Is it not possible to write shim driver that falls back onto the OBP 
functions for text mode output?  Sure they're slow, but at least
you could potentially get text working under syscons, then XFree86
can grab the device later and do its thing.

That's pretty much how Solaris does it (or used to... text mode
seems faster these days so maybe the OS installs its own console
driver rather than use OBP after it boots).

I would be a little surprised if NetBSD didn't have such a driver
that we could crib from.


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