FreeBSD 5.1-RELEASE on SunFire V100

Rob MacGregor rob_macgregor at
Thu Aug 28 07:10:09 PDT 2003

>From: Pete Bentley <pete at>
>Really?  Not on my X1 it doesn't...
>You *did* set the MAC address to something non-zero before trying
>that, right?

Yeah.  I tried with and without.  No matter what I do after a ping, even a 
single ping packet, it does:

IOMMU fault virtual address 0x63206000
panic: pcib: uncorrectable DMA error AFAR 0xc0758818 AFSR 0x4100ff0060800000
cpuid = 0;

> > I'll be using NetBSD on this box by the looks of things.  If I get 
> > box and enough spare time I'll raise a bug report.
>For what it's worth, I also had trouble with NetBSD on the X1
>so decided to persevere with FreeBSD.  YMMV.

Not good news.  I may end up having to install Solaris on this box in that 
case, something I want to avoid.  Any other OSs worth suggesting?

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