Hard lockups on E250

Roderick van Domburg r.s.a.vandomburg at student.utwente.nl
Thu Aug 21 07:55:36 PDT 2003

Hello there,

For about a month now I've been experiencing high instability on my E250 
  (UP): it just locks up hard. It does so after either a couple of hours 
or a day or so, depending on the system load. No messages given 
whatsoever, it just sits there at the console waiting for me to reset it.

The system normally runs a fairly high-volume Apache2 webserver. When 
Apache is running, the system doesn't survive for much longer than an 
hour. When I shut everything down however, leaving the system bare-boned 
so to speak, it'll run for about a day.

Like I said, it hasn't always done this at all. It's been like this for 
a month or so and recent cvsup'ing hasn't resolved it so far.

Anyone else experiencing this? Any ideas?



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