Sparc slowdown - problem identified...

Per Kristian Hove Per.Hove at
Sat Aug 16 10:06:47 PDT 2003

[Marcel Moolenaar, 2003-08-15]

|  Both hme0 and hme1 have the same MAC address. Suspicious...

Not suspicious, but quite normal on SUNs. There is an EEPROM setting
for this:

   ok printenv local-mac-address?
   local-mac-address? =  false

If true, network interfaces use their own MAC address. If false
(default), the system's address is used.

(I guess this has to be honored by the hme driver, but it seems that
that's the case).

Per Kristian Hove
Dept. of Mathematical Sciences
Norwegian University of Science and Technology

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