Sparc slowdown - problem identified...

Tillman tillman at
Fri Aug 15 10:02:23 PDT 2003

On Fri, Aug 15, 2003 at 04:34:04PM +0200, Thomas Moestl wrote:
> On Fri, 2003/08/15 at 08:00:56 -0600, Tillman wrote:
> > Is OFW_NEWPCI where -CURRENT on Sparc is heading? I.e., if I enable it
> > now and go through any needed reconfiguration will I be saving myself
> > time in the future?
> Yes.

Great, thanks for the info. I'll compile a new kernel with OFW_NEWPCI
and try installing it over the weekend (compiling isn't fast at the
moment ;-) ).

> > # New OpenFirmware PCI framework. This fixes a number of interrupt-
> > # routing problems and changes the device enumeration to be hopefully
> > # closer to Solaris. Be aware that, because of the latter, enabling or
> > # disabling this option may require reconfiguration, and can even
> > # cause the machine to not boot without manual intervention before the
> > # fstab is adjusted.
> > 
> > What sort of changes are likely to occur that would affect fstab? The
> > box is remote, so I can fix most things via a serial console as long as
> > it'll boot :-)
> If you've got multiple SCSI or ATA controllers installed, the order in
> which they are recognized might change, which affects the enumeration
> of the devices attached to them.
> It should be no problem to boot into single user and request a
> mountroot prompt ('boot -as' from the loader), then identify the new
> disk enumeration, mount the root file system from the prompt and
> finally adjust the fstab in single user mode as required.

Excellent, it looks like remotely changing to this should be fine :-)

BTW, what does "closer to Solaris" refer to? Detection order?


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