ponderous 'make world' times post GCC 3.3...

Steve Ames steve at energistic.com
Wed Aug 13 08:48:28 PDT 2003

On Wed, Aug 13, 2003 at 05:23:56PM +0200, Harti Brandt wrote:
> The problem seems to be in the kernel, not the compiler. I have rebuilt a
> gcc 3.2.2. The actual kernel (from yesterday) is slightly faster when
> built with 3.3.1 as opposed to 3.2.2 (in the order of 3-4%), but VERY
> slow. A kernel from June 1st built with 3.2.2 has its 'normal' speed. I'm
> trying now I binary search to find the victim.

This may be a red herring...

My first post gcc 3.3 kernel took 12 hours to build on my U5. This was a
GENERIC kernel since I hadn't recompiled since January (long story). The
following two kernels also took 12 hours. Then I cleaned up the kernel
config and its back down to around 4.5 hours... It could be a kernel
debugging option maybe? Could be that a bit of hit/miss experimenting
could find it. Here's my current config (4.5 hour 'make world').


machine		sparc64
cpu		SUN4U
ident		GENERIC

options 	SCHED_4BSD		#4BSD scheduler
options 	INET			#InterNETworking
options 	INET6			#IPv6 communications protocols
options 	FFS			#Berkeley Fast Filesystem
options 	SOFTUPDATES		#Enable FFS soft updates support
options 	UFS_ACL			#Support for access control lists
options 	UFS_DIRHASH		#Improve performance on big directories
options 	NFSCLIENT		#Network Filesystem Client
options 	CD9660			#ISO 9660 Filesystem
options 	PROCFS			#Process filesystem (requires PSEUDOFS)
options 	PSEUDOFS		#Pseudo-filesystem framework
options 	COMPAT_43		#Compatible with BSD 4.3 [KEEP THIS!]
options 	COMPAT_FREEBSD4		#Keep this for a while
options 	SCSI_DELAY=15000	#Delay (in ms) before probing SCSI 
options 	SYSVSHM			#SYSV-style shared memory
options 	SYSVMSG			#SYSV-style message queues
options 	SYSVSEM			#SYSV-style semaphores

device		apb			# Sun APB PCI-PCI bridge
device		ebus
device		isa
device		pci
device		sbus
device		central
device		fhc

options 	OFW_NEWPCI

device		ata
device		atadisk			# ATA disk drives
device		atapicd			# ATAPI CDROM drives

device		ofw_console	# OpenBoot firmware console device

device		genclock	# Generic clock interface
device		eeprom		# eeprom (really an ebus driver for the MK48Txx)
device		"mk48txx"	# Mostek MK48T02, MK48T08, MK48T59 clock


device		miibus		# MII bus support
device		hme		# Sun HME (Happy Meal Ethernet)

device		random		# Entropy device
device		loop		# Network loopback
device		ether		# Ethernet support
device		pty		# Pseudo-ttys (telnet etc)
device		gif		# IPv6 and IPv4 tunneling
device		faith		# IPv6-to-IPv4 relaying/(translation)

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