ponderous 'make world' times post GCC 3.3...

Garance A Drosihn drosih at rpi.edu
Thu Aug 7 18:08:14 PDT 2003

At 11:25 PM -0700 8/6/03, David O'Brien wrote:
>Am I the only one that saw 'make world' go from almost 3 hours
>with GCC 3.2 to:
>     --------------------------------------------------------------
>     >>> make world completed on Wed Aug  6 20:49:47 PDT 2003
>                        (started Wed Aug  6 09:49:30 PDT 2003)
>     --------------------------------------------------------------
>     11h17.00s real          9h29m42.85s user    1h15m22.05s sys
>post GCC 3.3?  This is a 500mhz Blade 100 with a GENERIC minus
>WITNESS* kernel.

I haven't rebuilt my sparc in awhile.  I can do that this weekend
though.  I certainly hope it hasn't become that much slower, because
my sparc is slower than yours!  The builds on my dual-CPU athlon
look like they're about the same time with gcc 3.2 vs 3.3.  Are you
just seeing this on sparcs?  If you're saying it's only on the
sparc platform, then how much does cross-building take?  (building
for sparc on i386).

You're saying it is taking three *times* longer?  ouch!

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