Environment-related exec or gmake bug on sparc64

Jake Burkholder jake at locore.ca
Thu Apr 17 05:02:38 PDT 2003

Apparently, On Wed, Apr 16, 2003 at 03:59:17PM -0700,
	John Polstra said words to the effect of;

> In article <1050533611.98923.4.camel at healthy.bogus>,
> Koop Mast  <einekoai at chello.nl> wrote:
> > 
> > I build the ezm3 port and cvsup-without-gui on my Ultra 10.
> > No problems encounterd, I ran 2 succesfuly tests runs on src/ and
> > ports/. 
> *Great!*
> I think something is screwy on panther.  While I was working on it
> the other day, all of a sudden "vi" and "less" started complaining
> that there was no terminal database.  Nobody else was active on the
> machine, and there didn't appear to be an installworld in progress.
> After a few minutes the programs mysteriously started working again.
> Very weird.

Panther crashed some weeks ago with an ecc error, so indeed there
may be something screwy going on.  I'm not sure if peter has been
able to do anything about it or not yet.


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