"make world" performance?

Tom Samplonius tom at sdf.com
Mon Apr 14 23:22:51 PDT 2003

  What is the expected "make world" performance on Sparc64 (for various
CPUs)?  I want to setup a FreeBSD/sparc64 but of the various surplus US
boxes I have access too, I'm not sure whether any of them would give me
reasonable FreeBSD performance, so I thought "worldstone" would give me a
reasonable benchmark to compare US boxes.  So reasonable performance would
be defined by "make world" times.

  For instance, I could probably build up an Ultra2 clone with 2x296Mhz
processors, 1GB RAM, and two 4.3GB disks.  What sort of build times should
I expect?  How about a genuine Ultra 5 with 333Mhz, 256MB RAM, and a
single IDE disk?  What build times are people getting with their boxes?


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