tlb, tsb & ...stuff

Narvi narvi at
Fri Apr 11 16:12:47 PDT 2003

ok, I'm a lamer and couldn't think of a nice & spiffy subject line.

	TLB / TSB statistics:

Presently we only get statistics on entries being moved into TSB, with no
dtlb/itlb separation. Unless people think this is a bad idea, I'd like to
make an option that would expose dTLB/iTLB and related TSB misses as
statisics. this would allow you to get Solaris 9 style 'trapstat -t'
information. The counters would need to be per-processor.

	TSB & replacement:

>From what I gather (please correct me if I'm wrong!) the present TSB
consists of 2K entries, organised into buckets with each bucket containing
4 entries. On replacement/entry we enter into an entry that was
empty/invalid or pick one "randomly" based on the lower digits of tick. We
try 4 times (for each page size) so up to 16 places get probed before a
miss / hit.

Making it a 4-way random replacement software managed unified L2 tlb (with
slight oddness for multiple pages sizes).

It would imho be interesting to support a couple of different and
selectable entry indexing policies, say at least:

	* hashed
	* skew-associative

to cater for various access patterns & tsb lookup loads. Again, if this
would be a bad idea, let me know.


What will happen there? Do we use any of the large page sizes enough to
make one of the large TLB-s cache a large(r) page size?

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